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Over twenty years technical experience, including:

  • Executive management
  • Technical leadership
  • Software architecture
  • Consulting management
  • Sales engineering
  • Application, network, and system programming for the Web, Windows, and Unix
  • Database design
  • Software development process
  • Unix and NT system administration
  • Network security, firewalls, NATs
  • Business analysis


A leadership position for a technology company, where my cross-disciplinary skills can change the way they do business.

  • Java
  • C# / MSIL
  • HTML
  • Python
  • Perl
  • C/C++
  • Delphi
  • Visual Basic
  • JavaScript
  • VBScript
  • VBA
  • Ada
  • Lisp
  • tcl/tk
  • Fortran

Operating Systems

  • Linux
  • Solaris
  • Windows XP/2000/NT/98/95
  • Mac OSX
  • HP-UX
  • VMS


  • PostgreSQL
  • MySQL
  • Oracle
  • Sybase


  • MS SQL Server
  • Access
  • Berkeley


5/1992 Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University (Blacksburg, VA)
  B.S. in Mechanical Engineering, Cum Laude

Work Experience

10/2008-present Cisco Systems (Denver, CO) - Distinguished Engineer

Overall architecture lead for WebEx. Responsible for products producing more than $1 billion in revenue per year.

7/2001-10/2008 Jabber, Inc. (Denver, CO) - Chief Technology Officer

As part of the executive management team, responsible for the technical direction of a highly-scalable multi-protocol instant messaging software product with various storage back-ends.  Supported global sales team with training, collateral, and customer visits.  Provided high-level support for the Sales Engineering and Professional Services department, including developing and presenting customer training, architecting customer solutions, and incorporating customer requirements into product direction.  Developed prototypes and production code in C, C++, C#, Java, Perl, Python, and Delphi on Linux, Solaris, and Windows.  Provided final escalation point for all technical problems in Development, Professional Services, and Support.  Directed standards activities with the IETF and JSF.  Provided technical liaison for industry analysts and reporters through briefings, whitepapers, and industry conferences.

8/1996-7/2001 Interlink Group (Denver, CO) - Chief Architect
  As part of the senior management team, responsible for keeping a growing consulting company on the forefront of technology. Created, staffed, and managed a national architecture practice.  Introduced and enforced software development practices, including configuration management, code inspection, and testing. Developed reusable architectures for Delphi, Visual Basic, Java, and C#.  Supported national sales team in role of technical closer.  Developed service offerings, including reusable sales collateral. Mapped client business needs onto technology platforms and directions.  Mentored architects, developers and administrators in industry best practices.  Developed internal line-of-business solutions.  Provided final escalation point for all technical problems.
Provided architecture direction for an instant messaging company.  Prototyped web clients and server extensibility approaches using Java, Javascript, C, and C#.

Sun Microsystems
Architected solution to provide a dynamic forms-based application for field service engineers.  A mutable, heuristic  approach allows Sun to change its business processes world-wide in real time.  Patent Pending.

Sustain Technologies
Provided architecture guidance for a court case management system written in VB, leveraging XML and XSL/T throughout.
Developed architecture and prototyped a massively scalable system for high-volume B2C communications using J2EE  and XML.

Digital Signature Trust
Designed and prototyped an application architecture for providing cryptographically secure e-commerce. Designed Java Servlet/Java Server Pages infrastructure to enable business users to create application content.

American Agrisurance
Developed architecture for rigorous, repeatable unit testing of object software. Led team to integrate architecture into Visual Basic development environment. Database back-end tracked all test cases and results to create fully traceable test plans.

Level (3)
Developed Java architectures to support a multi-tier order management system.

System Innovations
Analyzed multi-tier Visual Basic and Visual C++ program for performance. Developed a multi-phase approach, aligned with business needs, for improving performance.

Visual Basic ORCA
Led team to implement Interlink's Object-Relational Component Architecture (ORCA) in Visual Basic, including a wizard-based interface to create database access code from database meta-data.

TrakMaster Web
Designed and developed an N-tier system for web entry of timesheet data. Interfaced with existing SQL Server database using Visual Basic MTS components. ASP/HTML/JavaScript front-end allowed consultants to enter time securely from remote sites. Implemented Microsoft Agent to train users on interface.

Montana Power
Architected intranet solution for access to mission-critical data. Analyzed legacy systems in preparation for web enablement.


U S West
Designed and developed a message-oriented middleware strategy to connect multiple legacy systems. Developed format translations and rules to flexibly support changing requirements.

Led team to design, prototype, and implement global network architectures for security, Internet access, IP addressing, NT servers, and e-mail.  Configured servers, firewall, and routers. Wrote documentation to describe all configuration details. Managed roll-out of server infrastructure to global sites.

U S West Dex
Mentored the web development process. Prototyped functionality for shopping cart application. Provided instruction, troubleshooting, and environment configuration.

Led team to provide a rapid assessment of network architecture and security. Provided recommendations for network and process optimization.

Provided performance tuning for network and applications on NT clients connecting to an HP-UX Oracle server. Provided network architecture recommendations for a heavy industrial setting. Configured shared Internet access over a corporate WAN.

Space Imaging
Designed architectures for web credit card transactions. Provided quality assurance, trouble shooting, and code reviews.

Cable Systems Group
Developed a three-tier graphical reporting tool for software defect tracking. Developed testing and software configuration management processes for a complex multi-tier system.

Developed and implemented network security plan. Configured firewall and routers. Designed and implemented e-mail architecure.  Implemented Virtual Private Network with trading partner.

Corporate Express
Created web development standards and practices. Configured firewall and routers according to security plan.

Designed and developed software in C++ to integrate interactive voice response software with legacy VMS systems. Reused software to exchange data with supply chain partners.

Delphi ORCA
Designed Interlink's Object-Relational Component Architecture (ORCA). Led team to develop a Delphi implementation, including a wizard-based interface to create database access code from database meta-data.

Coors Brewing Company
Designed and developed an intranet site in Netscape LiveWire for tracking environmental emissions.

5/1996-8/1996 American Technical Resources (Denver, CO) - Consultant
  Time-Warner Communications
Designed and developed web site in Perl to accept telephone number updates for local number portability.
6/1992-5/1996 Fuentez Systems Concepts, Inc. (Fairfax, VA) - Lead Software Engineer
  ASAS Block II
Ported 1.3 million lines of mixed C, C++, and Ada from SunOS to Solaris 2.3. Provided on-site technical expertise to Lockheed-Martin Aerospace. Wrote a World Wide Web (WWW) front-end for the United States Message Format (USMTF) Oracle database, including on-the-fly generation of HTML 3.0 tables. Led team to design and develop Tesla, a database-driven message editor for military text messages.

Internet Product Development
Developed products to allow WWW access to a client/server configuration management program (CMVC), as well as a mailing list archive. HTTP server administration, HTML authoring, and forms/CGI script development.

Interactive Message Generation
Developed a Tcl/Tk rapid prototype of a USMTF message editor. Wrote extensions to Tcl to provide access to other system components. Wrote [incr Tcl] code for a new paned window widget, which was used as a basis for the [incr tk] paned window.

  Baseline Convergence
Spearheaded effort to consolidate versions of the Message Handler from five disparate platforms. Developed automated system built around CMVC that allows a single code change to propagate to all baseline versions.

TOPHUNTER Integration
Led team integrating the Message Handler and the CommServer onto SCO OpenServer.

Designed and implemented an RPC-based Distributed Queue Manager (DQM) in C++, using Object-Oriented Design techniques. Produced a management client for the DQM in Tcl/Tk. All code was designed for portability between HP-UX, SunOS, Solaris, and SCO ODT.

Joint Message Handler
Designed and implemented portions of the Joint Message Handler (JMH) including a client/server management program for system processes (X/Motif client connected via a TCP socket) and an X/Motif front-end for JMH data stored in Sybase. Wrote Ada bindings for the custom DrawnList widget as well as an abstraction layer for the Sybase APIs. Development on SunOS in Verdix Ada included an extensive 2167A documentation cycle.

1990-1992 Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University (Blacksburg, VA) - Research Assistant
Led the development of a GUI for COBRA, a four degree-of-freedom robotic manipulator used in nuclear power applications. Coded in C using X and Motif under HP-UX. COBRA operators have praised the power and clarity of its user interface.
1988-1991 Babcock and Wilcox Nuclear Services (Lynchburg, VA) - engineering co-op
Continued development of COBRA user interface, integrating comments and reactions from future operators. Polished software to maximize operator comfort and efficiency in the high-stress environment of a nuclear power plant service outage.
  RSG Sleeving
Designed end-of-arm tooling for ROGER, a three degree of freedom robotic manipulator. Revolutionized the marking and identification process for the tubes in nuclear steam generators with the invention of a remotely-operated spray marking tool. Took part in design, documentation, and training for the Recirculating Steam Generator (RSG) Sleeving system. Prepared detailed drawings using CAD systems. Performed rigorous testing of all designs in mock-ups of the target workspaces. Acted as a ROGER Operator and Tooling Engineer for two field deployments, including system maintenance in high-radiation environments.
1988 STX Systems (Hampton, VA) - Summer Intern
  Global Tropospheric Experiment
Provided quick-response programming support for the Meteorology component of the NASA ABLE-3A field research team in Alaska. Performed graphical analysis of meteorological data using FORTRAN and GKS on VMS. Produced data for review by scientists in situ.
1987 Center for Excellence in Education (McLean, VA) - Summer Intern
  Devised and maintained a database management system to track donations to the Research Science Institute (RSI), a summer enrichment program established by Admiral Rickover for gifted high school students from the US and abroad.
1986 Grumman-CTEC (McLean, VA) - Summer Intern
  As part of an internship sponsored by RSI, wrote graphics programs in LISP for Natural Language/AI applications on a Symbolics Lisp Processor.


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