Joe Hildebrand

Technology Leader


Thirty years experience using a passion for communication to focus on executive level technology leadership, standards, and real-world interoperability.

Work Experience

Fractional CTO Associates


Consulting with companies around the world on their high-level technical needs. Topics of focus include Strategy, Process, and People. Continuing work in open source to further client goals.

Mozilla Corporation Firefox

Vice President of Engineering

Led a team of 700 people worldwide to build and maintain the Firefox web browser used by hundreds of millions of people. Established guidelines for career paths, worked with the Diversity&Inclusion Team to find ways to increase the representation of Firefox's potential user base (i.e., every person in the world) on Mozilla's staff, and built a culture of openness, excellence, and repeatability. Responsible for all engineering, operations, and partnerships for Gecko, the Web Platform inside of Firefox.

Cisco Systems Cloud Collaboration Applications

Distinguished Engineer

As a part of the Corporate Technology Group in the Office of the CTO, participated in the formation of corporate-wide technology strategy. Member of the Internet Architecture Board (IAB).

Overall architecture lead for WebEx. As a member of the executive team, managed priorities and funding for over one thousand staff spread across multiple continents producing over $1 billion in revenue. Established an architecture governance model that serves as a template for how Cisco can write software. Built an approach for internal software development using mechanisms from open source to motivate code sharing between disparate parts of a large business. Mentored senior technical talent from multiple business units. Directed standards activities at the IETF and XSF tied to business objectives.

Jabber, Inc.


As part of the executive management team, responsible for the technical direction of a highly-scalable multi-protocol instant messaging software product with various storage back-ends. Supported global sales team with training, collateral, and customer visits. Provided high-level support for the Sales Engineering and Professional Services department, including developing and presenting customer training, architecting customer solutions, and incorporating customer requirements into product direction. Developed prototypes and production code in C, C++, C#, Java, Perl, Python, and Delphi on Linux, Solaris, and Windows. Provided final escalation point for all technical problems in Development, Professional Services, and Support. Directed standards activities with the IETF and XSF. Provided technical liaison for industry analysts and reporters through briefings, whitepapers, and industry conferences. Instrumental in the sale of Jabber, Inc. to Cisco Systems.

Interlink Group

Chief Architect

As part of the senior management team, responsible for keeping a growing consulting company on the forefront of technology. Created, staffed, and managed a national architecture practice. Introduced and enforced software development practices, including configuration management, code inspection, and testing. Developed reusable architectures for Delphi, Visual Basic, Java, and C#. Supported national sales team in role of technical closer. Developed service offerings, including reusable sales collateral. Mapped client business needs onto technology platforms and directions. Mentored architects, developers and administrators in industry best practices. Developed internal line-of-business solutions. Provided final escalation point for all technical problems.

Time-Warner Communications American Technical Resources


Designed and developed web site and API to accept telephone number updates for local number portability.

Fuentez Systems Concepts, Inc.

Lead Software Engineer

Built systems for USMTF battlefield messaging, including distributed queuing, user interfaces, APIs, and systems management. Created data-driven web applications for message format management and source code control. Led teams to deliver military-grade solutions.

Virginia Tech Mechanical Engineering Department

Research Assistant

Built a graphical user experience to control COBRA, a robotic arm used in nuclear power applications.

Babcock and Wilcox Nuclear Services

Engineering Co-op

Designed robotic manipulators for high-radiation environments. Deployed designs in the field, including acting as robot operator and tooling engineer on the critical path for scheduled reactor maintainence. Used operational knowledge to design user experiences for next-generation robotic systems.

NASA STX Systems

Summer Intern

Provided quick-response programming support for the Meteorology component of the ABLE-3A field research team in Alaska as a part of the Global Tropospheric Experiment. Performed graphical analysis of meteorological data for review by scientists studying changes to polar ozone concentrations.

Center for Excellence in Education

Summer Intern

Devised and maintained a database management system to track donations to the Research Science Institute (RSI), a summer enrichment program established by Admiral Rickover for gifted high school students from the US and abroad.

Grumman-CTEC Research Science Institute

Summer Intern

Built graphical systems for natural language and AI applications as a part of an internship sponsored by RSI.


Virginia Tech

BS, Mechanical Engineering, Cum Laude

Interdisciplinary interest in robotics including control software, kinematics, and mechanical design.

Industry & Standards

Let's Encrypt

Technical Advisory Board Member, Board Member

As a member of the Internet Security Research Group (ISRG) Technical Advisory Board, provided technical advice and review for one of the world's largest Certificate Authorities. For the year 2016, served as a member of the board of directors, providing fiduciary oversight.



Responsible for the overall architecture of the Internet. Focus on documentation standards and new transport protocol approaches. Program committee member for the SEMI workshop, the CARIS workshop, and the MaRNEW workshop.


Working Group Co-Chair, Author, Participant

Co-chaired the working groups webpush, XMPP, HyBi, and WebDAV. Helped build and judge consensus across multiple competing world views to create standards that allow people and systems to communicate.



Under the direction of the IAB, provided oversight for the RFC Series and RFC Series Editor.


Member, Author, Council Member

Founding member of the XMPP Standards Foundation. Member of the XSF Council 2002-2003. Published several XMPP Extensions.


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Saint-Andre, P., Houri, A., and J. Hildebrand, "Interworking between the Session Initiation Protocol (SIP) and the Extensible Messaging and Presence Protocol (XMPP): Architecture, Addresses, and Error Handling", RFC 7247, DOI 10.17487/RFC7247, May 2014.

Hildebrand, J. "Nine IM Accounts and Counting", in ACM Queue, vol. 1, no. 8, January 2004.


Scalable fine-grained multi-service authorization 8,925,043

A scalable cross-protocol mechanism is provided for describing, transmitting and checking large lists of authorizations for operations on network resources.

System and method for allocating resources based on events in a network environment 8,788,654

Increasing network and compute resources just-in-time as predicted by various events.

Open Source & Collaboration


Principal Author

Encode and decode CBOR documents, with both easy mode, streaming mode, and SAX-style evented mode.


Principal Author

A set of .Net controls for sending and receiving XMPP.



A Windows XMPP client written in Delphi.

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